Helping women in direct sales and MLM's grow their business with a website and brand.

Success is infectious. When you see another woman reaching for the stars and achieving her dreams, you are left asking, “Why can’t I do that?” I want to show you that you can!

I founded Melissa Mackey Brand Co. to help women in direct sales and network marketing who are working hard at establishing themselves and are ready to grow their business. If that sounds familiar, then I want to help you shine.

To gain a foothold you need to standout, but for the right reasons. You need to break away from the crowd, don’t just look like every other consultant out there. Be yourself; stay true to who you are. With a genuine and authentic approach, you will be an irresistible business proposition.

When you are authentic and let your “you” SHINE, people will want to do business with you…because you are YOU! You’ve got a whole market out there waiting for you to show up.

Let me help you SHINE!

How Can I Help?

As the owner of a growing business, an entrepreneur, a direct seller, or a network marketer, you’ll have heard a lot of people talk about the importance of having your own website or blog. In the modern age having an established online presence is essential for success.

Knowing how to undertake the journey to the online presence you want can be difficult. The technical language and jargon isn’t for everybody. Fortunately that’s where I come in. I want to be your guide and listening ear, helping you every step of the way so that you can shine online.

I love helping women like you SHINE and stand out from the competition by creating a website that you love and that will attract your perfect customer.


What do I offer?

I break everything down into plain English, not line after line of jargon. That way we can discuss exactly what you need, and arrive at an end product that makes you smile. Take a look at just some of the ways I can start helping your online profile grow today:


  • Show you how to brand yourself and stand out from the competition
  • Help you perfect your brand strategy
  • Create a website that will reflect your brand
  • Launch your new and exciting personal blog
  • Discover how to find and engage your target audience

My Services



I am available for 45 minute coaching and strategy sessions. The perfect way to get some expert input on the direction of your brand to get things moving.


I provide branding courses tailored specifically to your needs. The ideal way to get things up and running.


I have developed 3 simple and intuitive web design packages for you to choose from. Building your online presence has never been so easy.

Not sure if I am the right fit for you? Schedule a free 15 minute clarity call to find out!

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