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Direct Sales: Business or Hobby?

Direct Sales: Business or Hobby?

Are you working a direct sales business or a hobby? First, let’s figure out the difference. Christy Wright from The Business Boutique says in in her blog post, The First Step to Turning Your Hobby Into a Business, “The first step to turning your hobby into a business is this: Treat it as a business…This will be easier to do if you understand the difference between a hobby and a business. A business makes you money. A hobby costs you money.” Hmm. Is your business costing you money, or is it making you money? If you aren’t able to say that you are making money with your business, let’s see what we can do to change that for you. Direct Sales Business or Hobby

Is Making Money Possible?

First, let’s answer this question. Is it even possible to make money in direct sales? Some people don’t believe it is. But that is entirely not true. No, it may not be easy and it takes hard work and dedication, but it is totally possible to have a direct sales business that makes money! There are people in direct sales or network marketing businesses making anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars each month. I am one of them. And I personally know many others. But none of us got there overnight. None of us sat back, posted sale posts to our personal profile every day, and got rich. We all put in the work. We learned how to effectively market our business. We figured out how to build relationships with our customers. We took courses and learned from industry leaders. We put in the time, energy, and effort that it takes to be successful and it paid off.

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When your business is a hobby

See if this sounds at all familiar. When your business is a hobby, you are very likely just making the minimums that your company requires each month, if even that. You may get an order here or an order there. You have a party or maybe two a month. You are posting on your personal profile about your business every day and begging people to book parties with you. Does any of this sound familiar? Why is it not working? Why aren’t you making any money or getting customers, hosts, or recruits? Why isn’t it working for you? Simply put, you’re not doing the work. You’re not treating your business like a business. You need to learn how to effectively market your business on social media (business page anyone?), how to build relationships with your customers, know your target audience, and keep a consistent party calendar. It’s not enough to just do a little bit here and there or halfway try. You have to be all in, determined to make it work. You should be focused on creating customers, following up with past customers, booking parties, hostess coaching, and recruiting. Every week.

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When your business is a business

When you treat your business as a business, you are going above and beyond the minimums each month. Just hitting the minimums is not an option in your mind. You frequently follow up with past customers, stay in touch, and get reorders from them often. You party weekly, usually twice, maybe even three times, a week. You swear by Shari McAllister’s 10-8-2 formula, booking 10 parties every month, holding at least 8, and recruiting an average of two people a month. You rarely post on your personal profile, only just enough to intrigue people and let them know you’re still in business. You utilize your business page and post purposeful and relate-able content on there. You take courses on how to market on social media. You know your target audience and build relationships with them. You are consistent in your business. You show up every day and do the work that it takes to succeed. One more thing….if you signed up for your company just to have a hobby and you are happy with where you are at with it, that is completely ok! You don’t have to do more with it if you don’t want to! There is nothing wrong with having a hobby business. This blog post is directed towards those who want to build a bigger business, but are still treating it as a hobby. 😉 Tell me… does any of this resonate with you? How are you working your business? Is it a business or just a hobby?

5 Ways to Save More Money Each Month

5 Ways to Save More Money Each Month

My Tips to Save More Money

Do you ever get to the end of the month and realize you are about out of money? Or realize you over-spent on accident? How about not being able to pay the balance on your credit card and having to accrue interest? I know things can be tight. These tips are not the end-all-be-all, but maybe, just maybe, they can help you have just a little extra money next month!

Saving Money with Budgeting -

Ways to Save More Money

  • Create a monthly budget and track your spending. This one is HUGE and very important!
    Make a budget and STICK TO IT! I know you’ve heard this one before, but it’s true! Sit down (with your spouse if you’re married), and create a budget and go over it every month! Yes, every month! And make sure you are checking it and sticking to it throughout the month, as well! If you don’t control your money, it will control you. Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University is a great course that can help with this! There are also apps that you can download so that you can look at your budget right on your phone wherever you are.
  • Look at where you are spending your money and see if there are any cuts you can make… Netflix instead of cable? Eat at home more often instead of out? Make coffee at home instead of stopping at a coffee shop? Work out at home or go for a walk instead of going the gym? Sometimes cuts aren’t very fun to make. Ok, probably all the time. But they are necessary to save money when money is tight! Start with one or two and see how that goes. In a month or two, look again and see what else you can cut out of your spending. If you are tracking where your money is going, you’ll be able to see what kinds of things you are spending lots of money on that can probably be cut out.
  • Make a meal plan each week, only buy what you need, buy seasonal produce,
    look for coupons and sales, and buy store brands. Oh, and don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry! (Yes, I’m talking to myself here!) These are all small things you can do that might take a little extra time, but that can pay off each month. Meal planning, writing a grocery list based on the sales and seasonal items (and sticking to it!), and using coupons can definitely help save some in the grocery category!
  • Look for ways to earn extra money by babysitting, mowing lawns, having a garage sale,
    cleaning houses, etc. There are always things that you can do to make a little extra cash if you are willing to do the work. Pass out flyers in your neighborhood about lawn mowing services. Talk to friends and see if you can offer to babysit their kids when they need a night out. Clean out your house and have a garage sale. Start your own home cleaning service. You know, think outside of the box. 🙂
  • Want to go all out? Have a “no spend month” where you ONLY buy what is ABSOLUTELY
    necessary! This is something that I have yet to actually try, but I have heard good things from people who have! Search “no spend month” on Pinterest and you’ll get lots of advice! 😉

What tips do you have to save money each month? I’d love to hear your ideas, so leave a comment and let me know!

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