How to Sell in Direct Sales

Are you in direct sales or network marketing? Chances are you love your product and want to share it with everyone! I mean, everyone else should love your product as much as you do, right? They’re just that great! But the reality is, they don’t love it as much as you. And they don’t want to constantly hear about it. And having someone shove it down their throats every chance they get isn’t going to help. You know that, right? Right.

“But if I can’t tell everyone about my product all the time, how am I supposed to sell it?” you might ask. Here are some tips for you! These are nothing new, you’ve probably heard them before over and over, but it’s always good to get a reminder, because these tips might just make or break your biz. These are all things that I did in my direct sales business and I want to share with you and remind you about. The reason you might be hearing everyone talk about these same things is because they are true! So take them to heart if you haven’t already, and start putting them into practice in your biz.

  • Relationships first!! This is key! So true! My friend Kelly Paull from Directly Successful (look her up on FB, yo!) often says that people do not want to be sold to, but they love to buy. And if you are running your business online, as most of us are, remember that no one gets on FB to buy something. And if they are, they are going directly to FB marketplace or a buy and sell group, not their news feed or their friends’ pages! They get on FB to connect with friends and family, catch up with old ones, share life experiences, be entertained, etc. So start with building relationships and truly be building authentic friendships with people. (People can tell if you’re fake, you know!)
  • Do business on a business page, not personal! Not only is this good business practice, but it is against FB’s terms of service and can land you in FB jail (yes, it’s a real thing) if you are doing business on your personal page. So make sure you have a FB business/fan page set up and are using it! While it is ok to share content over to your personal page every once-in-a-while (read: not very often!), most of your business needs to be done on your business page. This will help with the relationship building factor (because you’re not spamming your friends!), help keep you out of FB jail, and will also make your business more business-y.
  • 90/10 rule. Now that we’ve got you building relationships (authentically!) and doing business on your biz page, we are going to talk about the 90/10 rule. Have you heard of this yet? When you are posting content on your business page, only 10% of that content should be product related. Yes, you heard me right! That means 90% of your content should not be selling your product! Again, go back to #1! Build relationships first! You’re not doing that if you are spamming your friends! ONLY post something sell-y AFTER you have posted 9 other types of content! What types of content, you ask? Well, content your niche market wants to see, of course! Read on…
  • Find your niche. You want to figure out who your niche market is, what kind of person you are going to be selling to. Trying to sell to anyone and everyone won’t work. You will just appear watered down and not appeal to anyone. You need to get specific about who your target market is going to be. Is she single? Married? A mom? Younger? Older? Working? What kind of problems does she have that you can solve? Write down the answer to all of these questions and more, and figure out exactly who you are going to be creating content for and marketing to. This does not mean that only those people will buy from you, but you will have greater value on your page and in your content if you know your niche.
  • Lead with value. Again, this goes along with relationships first. You need to lead with value. If you are leading with trying to sell your product, then no one will want to hear what you have to say. But when you lead with value, you up that know, like, and trust factor. People will get to know you, realize they like you, then start to trust you and want to buy from you.To lead with value, think about what your niche market would be interested in seeing/reading about on your page. If they are a mom, you can post about parenting, organization, encouragement, self-care, etc. If they are a working, single woman, then maybe your posts will be more about healthy eating for one or two, time management, dressing comfortable but cute in the workplace, etc. Like I said, lead with value.
  • Brand yourself and stand out. Last, but not least, brand yourself! Don’t be just another consultant in the company, but stand out and be different! Don’t, I repeat, DON’T just share company images from your corporate office! That is one of the quickest ways to land yourself in FB jail. Use Canva to create your own images. Do something different than all of the other consultants are doing! Be creative, engaging, thoughtful, and fun. Be yourself.I have more resources for those of you in direct sales in this post here!

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