Spring Cleaning Your Direct Sales Business

Spring Cleaning Your Direct Sales Business

It’s officially spring time and talk of spring cleaning is everywhere! While I know I need to spring clean my house, I am going to put it off for now and spring clean my business, instead! 😉

Time to Spring Clean your business! www.melissamackey.net

Time to Spring Clean your business!

7 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Business

  • Do you have empty likes on your Facebook page? You know, those people who are never going to buy from you? Maybe other consultants in your company or people who liked your page through a like ladder of some sort? Having those people on your page is actually not good for it! No, numbers are not all that matters. A small following of people who engage with you is way better than a large following of people who don’t care about your business. They are unlikely to engage or ever buy from you, so it is a good idea to just get rid of them! Go through FB page “likes” and delete anyone who is unlikely to actually buy from you. A small following of people who engage is better than a large following of people who don't. Click To Tweet
  • How organized and clean is your office? Did you make a resolution in January to keep up with the office organization and paperwork? Yeah, me too. Has that already gone by the wayside and become clutter? Yeah, mine too. Take a day to really organize and clean your office and paperwork and set up a system for keeping it that way…at least until next month. 😉
  • How is your system for customer follow ups? Take some time to go through your past orders from the year and follow up with anyone you have missed! And make sure you have a system for follow up so no one gets left behind.
  • If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you started out the first of the year with a bang and a determination to rock your business this year. But somewhere along the way reality sets in, fears creep up, doubt rises, and motivation fades. If this is you right now, then go back and revisit your “why!” Do you have a mission statement for your business? Maybe you need to dust it off and get back on track. Spring cleaning time is a great time to do this! (And if you think you need a re-brand, just contact me! I can help you decide if that is something that will help your business or if you just need some encouragement to keep on going!)

    Check out my post on Visual Branding and download my FREE Brand Workbook!

  • Along with revisiting your mission statement and your why, what about updating your FB business page about section? You should update this every so often and keep it fresh and up to date. Your about section on your FB page and your about page on your blog are two of the most-read parts of your page/blog! So keep them interesting, and make sure you update them often!
  • How are you on keeping up with your social media platforms? Do you sometimes struggle to stay on top of them? Yeah, me too. One thing that helps me is to frequently sit down and batch my graphics. (I hope you are creating your own graphics for your social media platforms and not using others’ graphics!) I sit down and just focus on creating a bunch of different graphics at once. Then I schedule them on my social media platforms. If you can get into a routine of doing this every so often, it can help you stay on top of things!
  • Ok, let’s talk email inbox. Are you someone who likes a clean and organized email inbox or is yours like mine where every email you’ve ever received is still sitting there? Yeah, I am going to be working on this list, too! 😉 Go through and delete anything you don’t need, organize emails you are keeping into folders, and make sure to unsubscribe from emails and lists you don’t really need/read. Then start fresh and keep it clean and organized!

Well, there you have it. 7 ways to spring clean your business! First, leave me a comment and tell me what you are going to do to spring clean your business, then go get started! And be sure to come back when you’re done and tell me what you did and how it went!

Resources for Direct Sellers

Resources for Direct Sellers

Blog Process for New Bloggers

Blog Process for New Bloggers

My blog is brand new, if you can’t tell. Like only-four-not-so-great-blog-posts (as of writing this post) new. But we all gotta start somewhere, right? Right. So as I think about the direction my blog is going to take and how I am going to organize it, I wanted to share with y’all my blog process. If you don’t already have a blog or a process in place, I dare you to join me and let’s get our blogs up and running and organized together! Us entrepreneurs gotta stick together! 😉 If you do, please share a comment with your process and help us newbies out!

Starting a blog, but not sure of your process yet? Here I outline my blog process for you with tips and a printable! www.melissamackey.net

My Blog Process for New Bloggers

First, I started by creating a list of content ideas. I sat down and brainstormed things I could write about, then I browsed Pinterest for other ideas, and wrote everything down on a Trello board. You can also download my content ideas worksheet below to use if that’s more your style. I love using Trello to keep track of all of my ideas in one place and to keep them organized. I can tag them, label them, move them around in different lists, add comments/checklists, etc. It’s great. Check it out if you haven’t yet!

Next, I thought about my posting schedule. I do know that having a consistent posting schedule is very important when blogging. That way you don’t ever leave your followers hanging, (Wait, do I even have any followers yet?) and they know what to expect from you and your blog. Whether you choose to post every day, 3 times a week, once a week, or once a month is up to you. Figure out what is going to be doable for you and what you can do consistently. Don’t over do it. You can always work up to more. My goal is to post once a week right now. I should be able to do once a week consistently once I get my processes in place.

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Now that my posting schedule is figured out, I am going to start plugging my content ideas into a content calendar. This way I know what I will be blogging about when. This doesn’t have to be perfect. I will allow myself to make changes if necessary if things come up, but this will help me to be prepared with a schedule so I am not having to worry about it. I do want to make sure to look at upcoming holidays and events so that if there is something coming up that I want to be sure to include in a blog post I can be prepared for that. Also, if I know I will need to take some time off or schedule ahead because of a holiday or event, I can be prepared for that, too.

The last thing I do (well, as far as this article is concerned it is the “last” thing…) is write my posts and create my graphics. Ideally, I will do this in batches. Instead of having to sit down each week and write my post for the week, if I have my content schedule out, I can take some time each month to write all of my posts for the month, create all of my graphics for the posts, then get them scheduled on my blog. Boom, done! (Until next month, that is!) So instead of having to do this weekly, I will batch my posts and graphics monthly.

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Now, will I be able to execute all of this perfectly each month? Probably not, especially not at first. It is going to take some disciple and practice and getting used to, but pretty soon I hope to have it running smoothly and effortlessly! (Wishful thinking?) Join me with your blog and make sure to come back and let me know how it goes! And if you have any advice for me, please share!



How to Sell as a Direct Seller

How to Sell as a Direct Seller

How to Sell in Direct Sales

Are you in direct sales or network marketing? Chances are you love your product and want to share it with everyone! I mean, everyone else should love your product as much as you do, right? They’re just that great! But the reality is, they don’t love it as much as you. And they don’t want to constantly hear about it. And having someone shove it down their throats every chance they get isn’t going to help. You know that, right? Right.

“But if I can’t tell everyone about my product all the time, how am I supposed to sell it?” you might ask. Here are some tips for you! These are nothing new, you’ve probably heard them before over and over, but it’s always good to get a reminder, because these tips might just make or break your biz. These are all things that I did in my direct sales business and I want to share with you and remind you about. The reason you might be hearing everyone talk about these same things is because they are true! So take them to heart if you haven’t already, and start putting them into practice in your biz.

  • Relationships first!! This is key! So true! My friend Kelly Paull from Directly Successful (look her up on FB, yo!) often says that people do not want to be sold to, but they love to buy. And if you are running your business online, as most of us are, remember that no one gets on FB to buy something. And if they are, they are going directly to FB marketplace or a buy and sell group, not their news feed or their friends’ pages! They get on FB to connect with friends and family, catch up with old ones, share life experiences, be entertained, etc. So start with building relationships and truly be building authentic friendships with people. (People can tell if you’re fake, you know!)
  • Do business on a business page, not personal! Not only is this good business practice, but it is against FB’s terms of service and can land you in FB jail (yes, it’s a real thing) if you are doing business on your personal page. So make sure you have a FB business/fan page set up and are using it! While it is ok to share content over to your personal page every once-in-a-while (read: not very often!), most of your business needs to be done on your business page. This will help with the relationship building factor (because you’re not spamming your friends!), help keep you out of FB jail, and will also make your business more business-y.
  • 90/10 rule. Now that we’ve got you building relationships (authentically!) and doing business on your biz page, we are going to talk about the 90/10 rule. Have you heard of this yet? When you are posting content on your business page, only 10% of that content should be product related. Yes, you heard me right! That means 90% of your content should not be selling your product! Again, go back to #1! Build relationships first! You’re not doing that if you are spamming your friends! ONLY post something sell-y AFTER you have posted 9 other types of content! What types of content, you ask? Well, content your niche market wants to see, of course! Read on…
  • Find your niche. You want to figure out who your niche market is, what kind of person you are going to be selling to. Trying to sell to anyone and everyone won’t work. You will just appear watered down and not appeal to anyone. You need to get specific about who your target market is going to be. Is she single? Married? A mom? Younger? Older? Working? What kind of problems does she have that you can solve? Write down the answer to all of these questions and more, and figure out exactly who you are going to be creating content for and marketing to. This does not mean that only those people will buy from you, but you will have greater value on your page and in your content if you know your niche.
  • Lead with value. Again, this goes along with relationships first. You need to lead with value. If you are leading with trying to sell your product, then no one will want to hear what you have to say. But when you lead with value, you up that know, like, and trust factor. People will get to know you, realize they like you, then start to trust you and want to buy from you.To lead with value, think about what your niche market would be interested in seeing/reading about on your page. If they are a mom, you can post about parenting, organization, encouragement, self-care, etc. If they are a working, single woman, then maybe your posts will be more about healthy eating for one or two, time management, dressing comfortable but cute in the workplace, etc. Like I said, lead with value.
  • Brand yourself and stand out. Last, but not least, brand yourself! Don’t be just another consultant in the company, but stand out and be different! Don’t, I repeat, DON’T just share company images from your corporate office! That is one of the quickest ways to land yourself in FB jail. Use Canva to create your own images. Do something different than all of the other consultants are doing! Be creative, engaging, thoughtful, and fun. Be yourself.I have more resources for those of you in direct sales in this post here!
Business Tools I Love

Business Tools I Love

Hi there! Thanks for joining me over here at Melissa Mackey Brand Co! Are you a small business owner, entrepreneur, or direct seller? Do you have certain tools that you use to help your business or social media run more smoothly? Today I wanted to share some of my favorite tools I use for my business!

Business tools I love

My planner. I used to go to Target, buy a cheap planner, then use it once or twice and forget about it. This year I invested in a Passion Planner. I LOVE my new planner! The squares on the monthly view are the perfect size for some post-it notes and I use them to color coordinate and plan my FB posts! It’s a great visual for me to see what kind of variety of posts I am sharing and a great way to plan out my month. Then all I have to do is create the graphics, write, and schedule the posts!

Trello. A new favorite website/app of my is Trello! I LOVE it for keeping track of to do lists, ideas for blog posts or social media posts, communicating with clients, and more! I love how I can move cards around to different lists and I can easily access it from either my computer or my phone. It’s a great way to keep myself organized!

Canva. I use this site ALL the freaking time! Every graphic that I create was created in Canva. It is super easy to use and I can whip graphics out like nobody’s business in minutes! I use the paid feature, Canva for business, so that I can save my branding colors and fonts and access them easily, but the free version works great as well.

Facebook biz page scheduler. Did you know that you can easily schedule posts right from your Facebook business page? Yep! I use it all the time! I often have a week or more of content planned out and scheduled (that is, when I’m on top of things…). It is so convenient and you don’t have to use any outside 3rd party apps! This is only for business pages, so you will need to use a different app/site for groups/events (I suggest either Cinchshare or Post My Party).

Design-seeds is a fantastic resource to research color and different color palettes! Not sure of your brand colors yet? Need some inspiration? Go to this website and get inspiration galore! Those are just a few of my favorite tools that I use. I’m sure that I will be sharing a Part 2 to this post one of these days, because there is so much more that I could share! But on to bigger and better things for now….like designing your website, perhaps? 😉

Share with me in the comments….what are YOUR favorite tools, websites, or apps that you use for your business! Props if you mention one I don’t already know about 🙂


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