Hi there! Thanks for joining me over here at Melissa Mackey Brand Co! Are you a small business owner, entrepreneur, or direct seller? Do you have certain tools that you use to help your business or social media run more smoothly? Today I wanted to share some of my favorite tools I use for my business!

Business tools I love

My planner. I used to go to Target, buy a cheap planner, then use it once or twice and forget about it. This year I invested in a Passion Planner. I LOVE my new planner! The squares on the monthly view are the perfect size for some post-it notes and I use them to color coordinate and plan my FB posts! It’s a great visual for me to see what kind of variety of posts I am sharing and a great way to plan out my month. Then all I have to do is create the graphics, write, and schedule the posts!

Trello. A new favorite website/app of my is Trello! I LOVE it for keeping track of to do lists, ideas for blog posts or social media posts, communicating with clients, and more! I love how I can move cards around to different lists and I can easily access it from either my computer or my phone. It’s a great way to keep myself organized!

Canva.Β I use this site ALL the freaking time! Every graphic that I create was created in Canva. It is super easy to use and I can whip graphics out like nobody’s business in minutes! I use the paid feature, Canva for business, so that I can save my branding colors and fonts and access them easily, but the free version works great as well.

Facebook biz page scheduler. Did you know that you can easily schedule posts right from your Facebook business page? Yep! I use it all the time! I often have a week or more of content planned out and scheduled (that is, when I’m on top of things…). It is so convenient and you don’t have to use any outside 3rd party apps! This is only for business pages, so you will need to use a different app/site for groups/events (I suggest either Cinchshare or Post My Party).

Design-seedsΒ is a fantastic resource to research color and different color palettes! Not sure of your brand colors yet? Need some inspiration? Go to this website and get inspiration galore! Those are just a few of my favorite tools that I use. I’m sure that I will be sharing a Part 2 to this post one of these days, because there is so much more that I could share! But on to bigger and better things for now….like designing your website, perhaps? πŸ˜‰

Share with me in the comments….what are YOUR favorite tools, websites, or apps that you use for your business! Props if you mention one I don’t already know about πŸ™‚


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