Resources for Direct Sellers

Coaching and Training Resources for Direct Sellers There are lots of coaches and programs out there with people pitching their services for direct sellers. How do you know which ones to trust? Who should you invest in and how can you know if they are worth it? You may...

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Dos and Don’ts of Visual Branding

What is Branding? What is branding? Is it a logo? A business name? A color scheme or certain fonts? Well, a brand will encompass all of those things, but that is not all that branding is! Branding is more than just the visuals. Branding is your voice, your...

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7 Things I Stopped Doing In Order To Grow My Business

7 Things I Stopped Doing In Order To Grow My Business   You often hear people talking about what they did to grow their business. But sometimes there are things you are doing that you need to stop doing in order to grow your business. Here is my list. Doubting...

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Blog Process for New Bloggers

My blog is brand new, if you can't tell. Like only-four-not-so-great-blog-posts (as of writing this post) new. But we all gotta start somewhere, right? Right. So as I think about the direction my blog is going to take and how I am going to organize it, I wanted to...

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How to Sell as a Direct Seller

How to Sell in Direct Sales Are you in direct sales or network marketing? Chances are you love your product and want to share it with everyone! I mean, everyone else should love your product as much as you do, right? They’re just that great! But the reality is, they...

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My Favorite Business Tools

Hi there! Thanks for joining me over here at Melissa Mackey Brand Co! Are you a small business owner, entrepreneur, or direct seller? Do you have certain tools that you use to help your business or social media run more smoothly? Today I wanted to share some of my...

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5 Reasons to Blog as a Direct Seller

Direct selling and blogs... Are you in the direct selling or network marketing industry? How do you brand yourself and set yourself apart from the competition? Are you just another consultant, or do people want to do business with you because you are YOU? In my...

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Hi! I am Melissa Mackey and I am a web designer and brand strategist specializing in helping women in direct sales and network marketing brand themselves apart from the company and grow their business with a website/blog.


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