3 Reasons Like Ladders Are Hurting Your Business

Like Ladders … What are they? You know those posts where they ask everyone to share their Facebook page or Instagram link and everyone is supposed to "like" or follow everyone else's links to help them grow their following? We call those "like ladders." Almost every...

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3 simple ways to be more productive

We all could use more productivity in our lives, amiright? You know, you get on your computer planning being super productive and get lots of work done....but then Facebook. An hour later, after you've caught up on all 101 groups you are in, you decide you really need...

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Why and How To Get Over Comparison Syndrome in Your Business

Why and How To Get Over Comparison Syndrome in Your Business Do you ever see someone else running their business successfully and think, "Why can't I do that?" I think we all have this "comparison syndrome" at times. It may seem like running a successful business...

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Is your direct sales business ruining your friendships?

Is your direct sales business ruining your friendships? Is direct sales ruining friendships for you? Have you noticed people unfriending you on Facebook, not responding to your messages/texts/calls, not wanting to hang out with you, etc? It may have something to do...

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How branding your direct sales business can grow your business

How branding your direct sales business can grow your business As a direct seller or network marketer, you may have heard about branding your business. You may have set fonts, colors, or a logo already. But branding is more than just those visuals, although they are...

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Web design: Chandi Nunley, Plunder Designs

Chandi Nunley, Plunder Designs Supreme Team Leader When I create a website for someone, I love to show it off! Chandi Nunley, with Plunder Designs, was my very first web design client. She is a super sweet lady with lots of Southern charm! She was a delight to work...

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What should a direct seller blog about?

Are you in direct sales or network marketing and are thinking about starting a blog, but you aren't sure what a direct seller blog should be about? I am here to tell you that there are tons of things you can write about! I am hoping this blog post will help. What...

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When should a direct seller start a blog? (and how to do it)

Are you a direct seller or network marketer? Have you thought about starting a blog or having your own website but are not sure when, why, how you should do it? Keep reading, I've got some answers! Here are some reasons you may be ready to take the next step of...

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Six Easy Steps to Start a Blog

Are you ready to start a blog but are not sure exactly what to do or how to do it? Here are six easy steps to help you get started. (This blog post has some affiliate links of some of my favorite things!) Get hosting Hosting is the space where your website is at...

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Spring Cleaning Your Direct Sales Business

It's officially spring time and talk of spring cleaning is everywhere! While I know I need to spring clean my house, I am going to put it off for now and spring clean my business, instead! 😉 7 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Business Do you have empty likes on your...

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5 Ways to Save More Money Each Month

My Tips to Save More Money Do you ever get to the end of the month and realize you are about out of money? Or realize you over-spent on accident? How about not being able to pay the balance on your credit card and having to accrue interest? I know things can be tight....

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Resources for Direct Sellers

Coaching and Training Resources for Direct Sellers There are lots of coaches and programs out there with people pitching their services for direct sellers. How do you know which ones to trust? Who should you invest in and how can you know if they are worth it? You may...

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